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Duelling Club

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Duelling Club

Post by Elisabeth McNight on Wed Oct 28, 2015 1:56 am

What is a Duel?

A duel is a magical battle between two or more witches or wizards; each opponent has a second, a trusted ally who will replace a combatant if necessary. Once a duel is agreed to, the opponents face each other and bow before casting offensive spells to disarm, injure, defeat or kill one another in order to declare a victor.

However, there are some rules that must be followed.


  • You must be in year two to sign up
  • In order to make deciding who wins easier, each combatant will have a total of 50 health.
  • Do nor jab, poke, or throw your wand at your opponent.
  • You may only use two spells per any post; any other spell listed in your post will be ignored and points will be lost.
  • Replies must be made within 48 hours. If you cannot reply in that time frame then your second must jump in. If neither you nor your second responds, your opponent wins.
  • Duels will end once the fight reaches the six round or when health reaches 0.
  • Tied matches will have no winner.

Posting Order

Referee introduces match
Duelist 1 - offense
Duelist 2 - defense
Referee announces scoring, introduces round two
Duelist 2 - offense
Duelist 1 - defense
Referee announces scoring, declares winner


Points will be awarded or deducted based on the following criteria:
- Creativity: 5 points
- Readability: 5 points
- Offensive spells: 6 points per spell used
- Defensive spells: 7 points per spell used

- Poor grammar: -3 points
- Duelist and second fail to respond: -10 points
- More than two spells used: -2 points per spell
- Killing curse used: -8 points, opponent wins

House Point Awards

Winners will earn their house 200 house points, losers receive 100. In cases of a tie both opponents earn 150 points.
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Re: Duelling Club

Post by Elisabeth McNight on Wed Oct 28, 2015 1:56 am

Approved Spells


Accio (0 HP) - Summons an object
Auguamenti (-3 HP) - Produces a burst of water from the tip of the wand
Anapneo (+3 HP) - Clears target's airway; airway must be blocked for use
Aqua Eructo (-5 HP) - Produces a stream of water from the tip of the wand; is controllable
Aresto Momentum (0 HP) - Slows the movement of an object or being to a stop
Avis (-5 HP) - Conjures a flock of birds from the tip of the wand; to be used with Oppugno


Bat-Bogey Hex (incantation: Mucus-ad-Nauseam) (-3 HP) - Enlarges the target's bogies, gives them wings, then sets them off to attack target
Bombarda (-5 HP) - Sets off a small explosion
Bombarda Maxima (-8 HP) - Sets off a large explosion, enough to knock down a wall


Cantis (-1 HP) - Causes the target to burst into song
Carpe Retractum (-2 HP if used against opponent) - Produces a rope from the caster's wand and pulls target toward caster, or pulls the caster towards the target
Confringo (-5 HP) - Sets target on fire
Confundo (-3 HP) - Makes target confused
Conjunctivitus Curse (incantation: Turgida oculus) (-8 HP) - Causes the target great pain in the eyes


Defodio (-5 HP) - Causes gashes to appear on target
Densaugeo (-1 HP) - Target's teeth grow longer
Depulso (-2 HP) - Shoves a target to intended location
Deprimo (-3 HP) - Causes the target wind damage
Diffindo (-5 HP) - Cuts target
Dimuendo (-1 HP when used offensively, 0 when defensively) - Causes target to shrink in size


Ennervate (0 HP) - Counters Stupify
Engorgio (-1 HP) - Causes target to swell in size
Episkey (+3 HP) - Heals target a small amount of health
Everte Statum (-2 HP) - Hurls target backwards
Expelliarmus (0 HP) - Disarms opponent
Expulso (-3 HP) - Causes an explosion; uses force instead of heat


Finite Incantatum (0 HP) - Stops all current spells
Firestorm (incantation: Incendio Orbis) (-8 HP) - Conjures a controllable ring of fire; wand movement: circular, overhead sweeping
Flame-Freezing Charm (0 HP) - Fire becomes harmless to those trapped in it and creates a tickling sensation
Flipendo (-3 HP) - Knocks target over
Furnunculus (-5 HP) - Causes boils to erupt all over target


Geminio (0 HP) - Creates a duplicate of the target


Immobulus (0 HP) - Renders target immobile
Impedimenta (0 HP) - Slows an oncoming object or being
Impervius (0 HP) - Repels substances; cannot be used on shields
Incarcerous (0 HP) - Ties target up
Incendio (-3 HP) - Ignites a fire


Lacarnum Inflamarae (-3 HP) - Creates a fireball that cames out of the caster’s wand
Langlock (-1 HP) - Glues target’s tongue to roof of mouth
Levicorpus (-1 HP) - Hangs target upside down by feet
Liberacorpus (0 HP) - Counters Levicorpus
Locomotor [name of target] (0 HP) - Lifts target into the air moves it at the caster’s will
Locomotor Mortis (-2 HP) - Locks the target’s legs together
Lumos Maxima (-3 HP) - Shoots a ball of light in the direction in which the wand is pointed


Mobiliarus (0 HP) - Levitates and moves target


Nox (0 HP) - Counters Lumos


Obscuro (0 HP) - Blindfolds target
Oppugno (-5 HP) - Makes animals, lesser beings, and objects attack; to be paired with Avis


Petrificus Totalus (-2 HP) - Full body-bind
Piertotum Locomotor
Protego (0 HP) - Forms a shield to protect the caster; can also rebound attacks [caster must have a score of 10 to rebound]
Protego Totalum (0 HP) - Casts a shield over a small area that does not allow anything to pass through; it blocks spells both ways


Reducio (0 HP) - Counters Engorgio
Reducto (-5 HP) - Blasts target aside
Relashio (0 HP) - Counters binding spells
Reparo (0 HP) - Repairs broken objects
Repello Inimcum (-10 HP) - Disintegrates organic matter
Rictusempra (-3 HP) - Gives the target an extreme tickling sensation


Salvio Hexia (0 HP) - Strengthens shields
Sectumsempra (-10 HP) - Causes a large gash on target as if slashed with a sword
Serpensortia (-2 HP) - Conjures a snake
Slugulus Erecto (-2 HP) - Causes the target to vomit slugs
Spongify (0 HP) - Creates an invisible cushioned area; usually used on broomstick manafacturing
Stupefy (-8 HP) - Knocks out opponent


Tarantallegra (-1 HP) - Forces target to dance


Vipera Evanesca (0 HP) - Counter to Serpensortia; causes snake to dissipate into ashes
Vulnera Sanentur (+5 HP) - Closes up gashes and returns blood to victim


Wingardium Leviosa (0 HP) - Raises objects into the air
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